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Car Repair

Complete service, maintenance and repairs, including high performance upgrades for your Benz.

Auto Service

At Beach Benz you deal directly with the owner. Mike Nott has an uncanny ability (rarely found these days) to listen.


Over 20 years of hands on experience serving the Huntington Beach area and all of Orange County.


No surprises means no work is performed without your approval and we adhere to our estimates.

When You Talk, We Listen!

Many automotive service centers have conveniently forgotten the meaning of “Customer”. Whenever you take your car in for service and have a complaint about an unusual noise or problem. All they care about is to make a “quick buck”, and don’t concern themselves with details, meaning your unusual noise or problem.

This situation seems to be much more prevalent at dealerships, where somehow the communication gets lost between the service advisor that writes up your work order, the dispatcher, and ultimately, the technician that will work on your vehicle.

At Beach Benz that problem simply does not exist! You deal directly with the owner. Mike Nott has an uncanny ability (rarely found nowadays) to listen. He has a great habit of making notes to himself about any unusual problems you may have with your Mercedes and those get special attention and get handled first before any service is performed.

If you are presently having your Mercedes being serviced or repaired somewhere else and you are not sure about what they are telling you, feel free to give a Mike a call, he’ll be glad to explain to you in detail whatever they are trying to do.

At Beach Benz the entire staff knows the full meaning of the word “Customer” and they know that you deserve respect with intelligent straightforward answers. They will do their utmost to make you a customer for life.